Sitemaps act as blueprints for any website. But before we jump, let’s take a look at what an XML Sitemap is and how they help index your website in search engines. With which you can make a good reach on the search engine. If you are wondering what this is, this much technical knowledge is beyond me, then it will be so easy here that no special technique will be required.

  • What is XML Sitemap ?
  • Why XML Sitemap is important to website ?
  • Why good SEO needed XMl Sitemap ?

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  1. A Sitemap is a XML extension file (eg. sitemap.xml) that lists the pages in websites.
    Sitemaps are save on your server side and this time search engines like Google help web crawlers understand the structure of your website. So that he can understand all your websites sections properly.

    If you are still feeling confused, think of the sitemap as a table of contents, blueprint, or floor plan.

    You will not build a house without a clear blueprint. And you will not decorate the house without knowing the floor plan.

    Sitemap has similar relationship with websites. You will not design and build a website without a clear understanding of what pages are required.

  2. When people are designing websites, add a new page, or redesign a new site. So that the vision of the website is clear to us.Sitemaps are excellent for SEO so that you display your website in full as it allows search engines to read your file and crawl through your website. The Sitemap tells the crawler the importance and priority ranking of each page, when the page was updated, and how often the page is updated.
  3. This helps Google bots crawl your website more effectively. Which is contained in a format.
    It tells search engines to crawl and index every page on your website. Sometimes dark pages are not found by search engines. A sitemap ensures that the crawler includes these pages.
    This helps your website achieve indexation immediately. Search engines can now search for new pages faster, which helps in the indexing process.
    It tells search engines which pages in your website have priority. On your XML sitemap, you can include a tag that describes which pages are most important. Crawler bots will focus on priority pages.